You Look Well Today​​

Fighting Multiple Sclerosis One Nerve at a Time

I am what is classed as a middle aged lady, who is single, mum to three four legged friends, Mowgli who is a Rottweiler and Holly and Annabelle are Moggies.​

Life was good, I had a job I loved, surrounded by friends and family, enjoyed a good social life, most of which admitedly was around my beloved rugby league team Hull FC, who I had followed both home and away for over 30 years.

On the 25th October 2017 that was all to change, as I was driving to work and got stuck in traffic, at that moment I suddenly woke up, it was 9am in the morning and thankfully I was stationary.  I had fallen asleep in the car, when not five minutes earlier I had been driving at 50 mph with a lorry behind me.

This was my wake up call.  I had noticed  in recent weeks I had started to struggle with work, a job I loved and thrived upon, but suddenly my cognitive responses were starting to slow and every day tasks becoming impossible to understand.

From my GP who diagnosed headaches and fatigue and signed me off work for a couple of weeks, to March 2018 and the possibility I might have Chronic Fatigue to finally the disagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in August 2018.

I have missed a holiday of a lifetime to support my beloved team while visiting my friend half way around the world, I can count on one hand how many rugby matches I have been to, I have missed weddings/funerals/birthdays, I have had to say goodbye to my job and my wonderful colleagues who had also become friends and my mode of transport has gone from a car to a mobility scooter.

Through it all MS has Messed with the Wrong Girl.